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Activities For Babies PLR e-Book

Activities For Babies PLR e-Book

Babies PLR e-BookThis Babies PLR e-Book was written by a real mom and lists all the activities a baby from 0 to 2 year olds can do, safely, to discover his new environment with fun.

It’s a Babies PLR e-Book, so you can do everything you want with it, except giving it away for free. Name it under your own name, split it in many different articles and/or blog posts.

You can include it at as free bonus in a baby package publication to give more impact to your main product.

You can of course switch the main product around and make multiple Babies PLR e-Book package files.

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Excerpt from chapter one:
This activity allows your baby or toddler to experience an entirely new dimension in scribbling by using the whole body, instead of just the arm, to move around the paper. Tape the large piece of paper to the floor and begin to draw together, moving about as required.
Cut various pieces of butcher paper into basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, etc.). Tape the edges down completely with masking tape and draw on them.
Take this activity outside to a sidewalk or driveway substituting chalk.

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Babies PLR e-Book