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Advance Article Spinner Manager Tutorial N°2 – How to Use The Links, Pics & Videos Tab

coverHow to Use The Links, Pics & Videos Tab

This tutorial video covers the second Advance Article Spinner Manager tab

This is a crucial step into the building of an ideal spun article. This is where you are shortening your links and scraping keyword targeted pictures and videos.

TinyURL, URL, and Google shortening URL services are included in AASM.

For an higher-quality, you can use your own picture links and YouTube video code, to only use the pictures and videos you want according to your article.

Check out the video to see AASM running


AASM starting to gain popularity and respect. Since we launched it more and more people are seduced by its simplicity and power.

In the private forum devoted to Zdot’s software programs, you have access to detailed tutorial videos that cover AASM completely.

Check out the sales page below to make up your mind and to see the program running.

AASM – Advance Article Spinner Manager