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Advanced Article Spinner Manager Tutorial N° 1 – How to Manage Spinners API Keys

aasmHow to Manage Spinners API Keys

This is the first tutorial video explaining in details how to run AASM. We are going to launch a tutorial video for each tab the program owns. There is nothing more tedious that endless video that last 20 minutes.

I personally prefer short and straight to the point videos that covers specific point. It’s easier to get the information you need right away without having to watch the same video over and over only to get the part you want buried In the middle of it.

AASM owns four of the best online spinner services. Each of them works with API keys. Depending on the program you decided to use, the path to get your key is different. This video outlines how to get your API key and how to enter them into Advanced Article Spinner Manager.

Here are the four spinner services included in AASM:

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Advanced Article Spinner Manager has been developed by Zdot, owners of Zdot is working with PLR content since years, he has developed the software for  his own usage in the first place.

Using PLR content is still the best way to achieve your Internet marketing, if you know how to use it properly.

Advanced Article Spinner Manager Tutorial Number 1 – How to Manage Spinners API Keys