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Article to Video – The Most Effective Way to Rank On Google Now

Article to Video – 2012 Internet Marketing

Article to VideoWeb ranking and the way to achieve it, changed considerably since Panda update.
I’m quite sure  that you noticed the change in Google results since few months.
For almost any search on google, the best ranked sites are videos from Youtube and DailyMotion. Rarely Vimeo or other video sharing sites.
And if you were curious enough and actually watched those vids, the content is far from Steven Spielberg quality production.
They are, most of the time, videos made of PLR articles with a static background and a few pics here and there.

It is quite easy to produce in an artistic point of view, but technically spreaking, to build them fast  and steady is another story.

You can produce them with free tools like Paint, to create the slices and Windows Live Movie Maker to build up the video. But it take ages and if you want to produce 3 or 4 of videos daily, while upgrading your blogs and continuing your SEO duties, it takes way to much time.

Result is: you are going to gradually gave up and stop crafting videos before you even see benefit from it.

Since a while now, I’m searching for the best article to video software. There are many out there. Some are really good but require really expensive monthly membership that I think do not worth it. Some other are really cheap but the result is awful or so limited that you can’t do much with it, and the small price from the beginning turns expensive pretty fast since you stopped using those software programs after two or three videos.

Finally, I was able to spot the best compromise possible between price and quality:

Instant Video Articles

I bough it, and quite frankly this is all you need. Of course it’s far from Camtasia or even free soft like Windows Movie Maker, ( I have both) but it does easily and extremely fast what others can’t do! Instant Video Articles  is an awesome software which converts your private label rights articles into videos within just a few minutes.

You just have to copy and paste the different paragraphs or title of your private label rights article  into the video editor, choose the slice duration, import some copyrighted music, create the video and upload it to Youtube or whatever video sharing sites you want.

Check the video on the sales page and see by yourself! This is by far the way to go with private label rights articles.

Article to Video Price: $27.00

Article to Video – The Most Effective Way to Rank On Google Now