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Baby Showers Revealed Master Resell Ebook | Website – Articles – Keywords – Ads Included

Baby Showers RevealedBaby Showers Revealed Ebook

The baby shower micro niche is really lucrative.

Every parents organize baby showers each time they have a baby. It’s not easy to be tip top, especially on your first baby shower.

This ebook teach your future readers how to organize the perfect baby shower.

Baby Showers Revealed package includes:

  • Reseller Website
  • Articles
  • Keywords
  • autoesponder mail
  • Ads

everything you need to monetize the ebook the best way. You can sell the ebook at the price you want and you have everything included to do it right away.

Here is a short extract from the introduction chapter:

How wonderful! One of your best friends in the whole wide world has just announced that she’s pregnant. Naturally, you’re delighted, and can’t hold back your tears of joy. It’s hard to imagine that, in just a matter of time, your special friend is going to be a mother (maybe even for the second
or third time…or more!). As you let the amazing news sink in, your friend is envisioning the journey that will usher in a new life into the world: the gynecologist visits, the morning sickness, the ultrasound testing, the roller coaster of emotions that will eventually culminate in an experience that defies description.

Baby Showers Revealed Terms & Conditions

[YES] Can be edited.
[YES] Can put your name as the author.
[YES] Can be broken down into articles.
[YES] Can be used as web or e-zine content.
[YES] Can be added into membership sites.
[YES] Can be sold in any format.
[YES] Can be packaged.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can be given away (in any format).
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites.
[YES] Can offer (Master) Resell Rights.
[YES] Can resell Private Label Rights.
[YES] Can be published offline.

In short, you can do literally anything you want with this product

Baby Showers Revealed Master Resell Ebook price: $4.99


Baby Showers Revealed

Baby Showers Revealed Master Resell Ebook | Website – Articles – Keywords – Ads Included