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Cellphone Two Columns WordPress Template with .atrx file Included

Two Columns WordPress Template for Cellphone blog
One Column WordPress Template

This two Columns WordPress Template is intended for the highly lucrative cellphone niche.

It is 1000 pixels width, featuring a blue type background for the main window and the posting and sidebar  area are white to ease ad integration.

The .atrx file is included to allow you to change the template as you want.

You can change the picture in the header, add and second sidebar if you need to…

The template is widget enable and allows you to set it fully in your WordPress admin.

We recommend you to get the Artisteer software if you don’t already own it. but, If you do not want to buy it because you run only a few of blogs, and you  would like to get this two Columns WordPress Template customized to sport your business colors or logo, please use the contact form and ask us for a price quote. We’ll be more than happy to customize it for you.

Cellphone Two Columns WordPress Template price: $9.99

Two Columns WordPress Template

Cellphone Two Columns WordPress Template with .atrx file Included