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Christmas Stories For Children & Master – Savior Jesus Resell Rights Ebooks

Christmas Stories For Children & Master – Savior Jesus

Christmas Stories For ChildrenThis christmas package features two ebooks for the price of one.

At we normally sell our ebook $4.99 a piece. Christmas being around the corner, we decided to offer you a huge saving and bundle Christmas Stories For Children & Master – Savior Jesus in the same pack.

Christmas Stories For Children features 35 stories for younger and older children

1. christmas at fezziwig’s warehouse
2. the fir-tree
3. the christmas masquerade
4. the shepherds and the angels
5. the telltale tile
6. little girl’s christmas
7. “a christmas matinee”
8. toinette and the elves
9. the voyage of the wee red cap
10. a story of the christ-child
11. jimmy scarecrow’s christmas
12. why the chimes rang
13. the birds’ christmas
14. the little sister’s vacation
15. little wolff’s wooden shoes
16. christmas in the alley
17. a christmas star
18. the queerest christmas
19. old father christmas
20. a christmas carol
21. how christmas came to the santa maria flats
22. the legend of babouscka
23. christmas in the barn
24. the philanthropist’s christmas
25. the first christmas-tree
26. the first new england christmas
27. the cratchits’ christmas dinner
28. christmas in seventeen seventy-six
29. christmas under the snow
30. mr. bluff’s experiences of holidays
31. master sandy’s snapdragon
32. a christmas fairy
33. the greatest of these
34. little gretchen and the wooden shoe
35. christmas on big rattle

Master – Savior Jesus By: Paul McDonald

extract from introduction chapter:

Jesus, who is the central figure of Christianity, was born of a virgin, and proclaimed in the New Testament as the Lamb, (or child) of God. I am basing this book on that premise, since it is embedded in my mind that it is the one and only truth, in spite of what other religions may believe. The thought that it isn’t the truth is nothing but hogwash in my mind, and I will continue to praise the name of Jesus until I am called home, and no longer of this earth.

Christmas Stories For Children & Master – Savior Jesus price: $4.99

Christmas Stories For Children

Christmas Stories For Children & Master – Savior Jesus Resell Rights Ebooks

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