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FB Timeline wordpress template featuring Atisteer File

FB Timeline wordpress template

FB timeline wordpress templateFacebook is hot in 2012. If you run a website in any niche possible, you must have a Facebook Fanpage.

It is as important as a twitter account related to your site. In my opinion it is more important, according to the fact that FB has much more traffic and allows more options in term of publishing. Instead of 140 words you can post whatever you want. Videos, pictures, and you newsletter registration form.

It is a little harder than a twitter account to set up, but it is quite easy after a few Fanpages done.

You just need to create an application, then fill in the info where your wordpress is installed (https is mandatory) and when everything is set, just browse to this url:

Just replace YOUR_APP_ID with your app ID and  YOUR_URL with the url where your Worpdess timeline template is, press the enter key……. et voila!

This FB Timeline wordpress template is made with the Facebook color in mind to blend perfectly with the site  general outlook.

The Artisteer file is included so you can tweak the template as you wish if you own this nice software. If not, I suggest you to get it if you run multiple websites.

If you only run a limited amount of blog, and don’t want to invest in the software, we can customize this Timeline wordpress template at an affordable price.

Please use the contact form and ask us for a price quote.

FB Timeline wordpress template price: $9.99

Timeline wordpress template

FB Timeline wordpress template featuring Atisteer File