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Miracles of Our Lord by George MacDonald – Christian PLR eBook for $ 4.99

Miracles of Our Lord by George MacDonald

mzl.ingzooog.466x466-75A fresh insight and explanation of the miracles of God for both the Christian and the non-Christian.

The writer explains that the miracles build and consolidate faith, prove the existence of God and shows how God can meet the physical and spiritual needs of his children.

The writer basically wants to make the reader aware that the miracles of the Lord are further manifestation of the powers of God.

George MacDonald was a 19th century Scottish author, poet and minister. He is best known for his fairy tales and fantasies. His best-known works are Phantastes, The Princess and the Goblin, At the Back of the North Wind, and Lilith.

MacDonald states of miracles. “This, I think, is the real nature of the miracles, an embodiment of God’s procedures in nature beheld in instant connection with their source– a source yet lost to the eyes and too typically to the hearts of men in the far-receding gradations of continuous law.

That men might see the will of God at work, Jesus did the works of his Dad thus.” Topics covered in this book consist of: the starts of wonders, the cure of Simon’s partner’s mom, miracles of healing unsolicited, miracles of healing gotten by the patients, miracles given to the prayer of buddies, the erupting of devils, the raising of the dead, the government of nature, and miracles of damage.

Miracles of Our Lord by George MacDonald price: $ 4.99

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Miracles of Our Lord by George MacDonald – Christian PLR eBook for $ 4.99

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