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Multi-media PLR articles – Book, DVD and Music Reviews

Multi-media PLR articles

This 492 PLR article file covers books, DVD and music reviews.
If you run a multimedia site or sites this file is a must have for your promotion efforts.

The book file reviews 204 different books. It’s a ready made article pack that you can use right away. You just have to link to the book at amazon and tweak the title and content to improve originality and you a re ready to go.

204 Book reviews

  • Shape-Shifting   The Bane of Women Everywhere
  • 115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety   Book Review
  • 52 Homes In 52 Weeks
  • A Crack in the Teacup – Book Review
  • A Journey To Happiness And Balance
  • A monster Named Criney  Who Makes Kids Whiney – Book Review
  • A New Year. A New You.
  • A Song Of Ice And Fire  A Game Of Thrones
  • A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrina s Wake
  • A Voice in the Night

The DVD reviews, cover a great array of popular films and TV shows. It’s is quite handy to promote DVDs and link to your sponsor product. If you are using AMazon to monetize your DVD sales, it is highly recommended to use their reviews and customers comment and mix them with the PLR articles featured in that file.

259 DVD reviews

  • Aladdin DVD Review
  • Alias DVD Review
  • All In The Family DVD Review
  • Angel DVD Review
  • Another bullet in the cake
  • Babylon 5 DVD Review
  • Bambi DVD Review
  • Beauty And The Beast DVD Review
  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD Review
  • Braveheart DVD Review

The Music reviews cover the most needed products in music playing.

The music Review file is nice to use for a music or enteternaiment site. It covers highly popular subjects on guitar, bass,

29 music reviews

  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Acoustic Guitar Tab
  • Acoustic Guitars – The Best Tuners
  • Basic Guitar Chords And How To Play Them
  • Bass Guitar Players Who Changed The World
  • Bass Guitar Tabs And Their Place In The Circle Of Life
  • Beginner Kayaker  Find the Best Kayak Paddle
  • Beginning Acoustic Guitar
  • Besame Mucho – Guitar Chords And Lyrics
  • The_Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Multi-media PLR articles price: $4.92

Multi-media PLR articles – Book, DVD and Music Reviews