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Murray Christian E-Books – 5 MRR E-Books for $10

andrew_murrayMurray Christian E-Books

This package deal features five of Andrew Murray books.

Andrew Murray served as the first president of the YMCA, you brought over 240 books and was also a man of great prayer. Through his private devotion with the Savior, he learned that laughter and fellowship were two of life’s most important activities.

Murray is one of the most beloved Christian authors of all time. We hope you enjoy this collection of some of his most famous and moving writings.

The books included in this file are:

  • The Lord’s table
  • The school of obedience
  • With Christ: in the school of prayer
  • Absolute surrender
  • The new life

Murray Christian E-Books price: $10

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Murray Christian E-Books – 5 MRR E-Books for $10