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Pinterest WordPress Template Multi-License Rights – Covert PinPress

Pinterest WordPress Template

Pinterest WordPress TemplateWarning, this is not a PLR Pinterest WordPress Template, this is a amazingly cheap Multi-License Rights WSO template developed by IM Wealth Builders.

This amazing template make your Worpdress blog looks like Pinterest in few clicks. Not only that, but the Repin and comment buttons let your visitors comment directly on their Pinterest pages. Depending on their followers or friends that’s immediate free traffic from one of the most popular social website of the moment!

The Pinterest WordPress Template is on a dime sale offer at the Warrior Forum. I bought mine in the earlier days of the WSO, so I paid it something like $8.77…. For a multi license deal, it’s quite cheap.

I made 3 sites almost right away.

This is a Pinterest page of this website. I just used RSS feed of each category et voila! As you might certainly know, you can make RSS feed of any WordPress category just by adding /feed/ at the end of the URL….

Those three sites are driven using WP robot, but there is a much cheaper (and limited) feeder site plugin that you can buy as OTO if you do not want to invest in WP Robot.

I made a clone of the basic install of the Pinterest WordPress Template with all the plugins I like to run using WP Twin, and I install them in mere seconds. I just have to change the keywords in the WP robot campaigns and I’m all set.

Actually the only limitation I have are domain names, otherwise I would have launched 100s of Pinterest blogs by now.

You better act fast and grab your copy before the price goes trough the roof. The dime sale is now at $10.51  and they plan to sell this amazing product $59 when the dime sale is over.

 Pinterest WordPress Template

Pinterest WordPress Template Multi-License Rights – Covert PinPress