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Parenting MRR eBooks Deal | Parenting eBooks

Parenting eBooks Bundle Deal

Parenting eBooksSave 50% of the retail price. Get  10 Parenting eBooks for the price of 5!

At we are selling each eBook separately at the price of $4.99 each, most of the time with the reseller site included.

It is already quite cheap compared to the price our competitors are selling their eBooks.

But we decided to pack all the eBooks we sell individually in the parenting niche in a single package offer to give you a deal you can’t find anywhere else.

This deal is amazing if your are running a network of parenting sites or baby products.

Each of our ebook have been written by real moms based on their personal experience raising their kids.

The Parenting ebooks Package Deal Features:

Here is what you get for a mere $28.10

  • How to raise a smart baby PLR eBook ( Value; $4.99)
  • Indoor Toddler Activities PLR e-book ( Value; $4.99)
  • Talk To Kids PLR Ebook ( Value; $4.99)
  • The Cool Calm Mom PLR eBook – Parenting PLR eBook ( Value; $4.99)
  • Activities For Bored Kids PLR eBook – Parenting eBook ( Value; $4.99)
  • Activities For Babies PLR e-Book ( Value; $4.99)
  • Kids Birthday Parties PLR E-book with Sales Letter Included ( Value; $4.99)
  • Baby On a Budget PLR ebook ( Value; $4.99)
  • Higher Order Thinking & Creative Thinking PLR ebook ( Value; $4.99)
  • How to Raise a Reader PLR E-book ( Value; $4.99)

Total price: $49.90 $28.10

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