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Spun Articles Package Deal n°2

spun articles package

Spun Articles Package Deal n°2 Multi-niche offer

After the great success we had last month with our first Spun article mega file deal, we decided to launch another one.

We packed 1995 plr spun articles into a huge zip file and kept the same amazing low price:

you get 1195 plr spun articles for $29.22!

Multi-Niches Covered in This Huge Saving File

File 1
Auto Repair, Blu-Ray Technology, Car Financing, Digital Video, Get Out of Debt, Hair Removal, Lose Belly Fat, Marketing Consultants, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Mole Removal, Soccer, Solar Lights, Sony Ericsson (electronics), Videography, Weightlifting

File 2
Ballroom Dancing, Career Training, Direct Marketing, DVD Movies, Flat Belly Abs, Get Your Ex Back, How to Cook, HTML, Internet Marketing Business, Las Vegas, Obesity Surgery, Stem Cell, Student Loans, Sun Glasses, Tropical Fish

File 3
Back Pain, College Loans, Elections, Exercising, Freelance, Goal Setting, Home Improvement, How to Lose Belly Fat, Jewelry, Landscaping, Mole Removal, Sinus Infections, Soccer Balls, Spray Tan, Videography

File 4
Acne, Affiliate Marketing, Baby Shower, Computer Training, Forex, Health and Nutrition,Hypnosis, Learn Guitar, Organic Foods, Party Ideas, Pets, Search Engine Optimization, Spam Blocker, Travel, Weight Loss

File 5
Airfare, Cell Phones, Cosmetic Surgery, Debt, Docking Stations, Garden Pest Control, Golf, Handbags, Hawaii, Laptops, Link Building, Maternity Clothes, Quit Smoking, Summer Camps, Website Traffic

Spun Articles Package Deal n°2 price: $29.99

spun articles package

Spun Articles Package Deal n°2