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PR Stomper Gold Pro – Master Tumblr on Autopilot

PR Stomper Gold Pro

PR Stomper Gold ProPR Stomper Gold Pro is not a plr product, but you can use PLR articles or Spun ready PLR article to run you Tumblr blogs…. and also because I have a strict policy to promote only the product I’m using and that I find usefull.

PR Stomper Gold Pro. How to run Tumblr on autopilot

This two bots package accomplish an astonishing job and are a big time saver. I have tested numerous Tumblr automation software package, and they’re altogether exploiting a small amount of Tumblr options. They’re only making account and publishing basic posts mostly.

To have success on Tumblr, and get profit from the vast participating community, you have to do much more than only publishing articles and go. You must take part, and that’s a big task to accomplish, particularly if you’re managing numerous Tumblr accounts.

This is where PR Stomper Gold comes in convenient. With the two bots pack you can produce accounts on the fly, scrape flicks from Tumblr and Pinterest very fast, and more significant, execute everything you need to get large quantity of traffic and buyers to your internet site and master your Tumblr actions inside a clean and easy to use admin.

I just acquired PR Stomper a couple of days ago , and I was capable to produce tons of accounts, and get active into Tumblr community of interests right from the box.

In reality, I’m more concern to not go at it to fast, and get swagged by moderators. But after a couple of days, I got genuine followers, and traffic is coming in already.



PR Stomper Gold Pro Features

  •     Verify Emails (Hotmail Only)
  •     Like / Unlike Posts
  •     Follow / Unfollow People
  •     Reblog Posts
  •     Picture Poster (posts pics from urls (spinnable) or folders)
  •     Change Caption and Photo URL for Re-blogged posts
  •     Submit to /ask and /submit
  •     Proxy Support
  •     Captcha Support (Death By Captcha, Decaptcher and Bypass Captcha)
  •     Follow Before Submitting To Blogs
  •     Add Tags When Re-blogging
  •     Reblog Add To Queue
  •     Ask Anonymously

PR Stomper Gold Pro allows  you to:

  •     Targeted Traffic
  •     Helps Increase Your SERPS
  •     Do Follow and No Follow Links (It’s more natural to mix them)
  •     Automate a Platform that has around 16 BILLION page views per month

PR Stomper Gold Pro is on dime sale, buy it before the price goes up!

PR Stomper Gold Pro

PR Stomper Gold Pro – Master Tumblr on Auto pilot