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Quit Smoking PLR/MRR Niche Pack

Ross Cohen is a talented writter. he is not Shakespeare, neither do I, but he writes articles in a way that people want to read entirely. He knows how to grab reader’s attention.

He also know about what niche and subject to write about. All his articles are based on strong researches on Google Adwords and, if you use his articles to promote products in that niche, you are sure to convert and get great interest from your readers.

  • Quit smoking = 823,000 searches per month…
  • Stop smoking = 673,000 searches per month…
  • Smoking cessation = 165,000 searches per month…
  • What is smoking cessation = 165,000 searches per month…
  • Hypnosis for smoking = 40,500 searches per month…
  • Stop smoking aid = 12,100 searches per month…
  • Ways to stop smoking = 90,500 searches per month…

Quit smocking niche is a really strong niche to promote online. There are so many method to stop smocking available, marketing is wide open in that niche.

Stop smocking is also extremely hard to achieve, and smockers never stop on first try. Or at least rarely. I personally stopped smocking after my 6th attempt. And now, after 8 years, I can say I’m done with cigarette.

What’s Included In This PLR Pack?

  •     4 Unfortunate Reasons Why Non-Smokers Relapse (507 words)
  •     5 Helpful Tips To Fight Off The Urge Of Smoking (535 words)
  •     5 Stop Smoking Tips That A New Quitter MUST Have In Their Arsenal (595 words)
  •     8 ALARMING Facts About Smoking You Should Know About! (653 words)
  •     How To Fight Off The Urge To Smoke At Parties And Social Events (551 words)
  •     Secondhand Smoke – A Silent, Invisible, And Efficient Killer (569 words)
  •     Smoking And Secondhand Smoke – Are You Slowing Killing Your Loved Ones? (584 words)
  •     Stop Smoking Now – The Dangers Of Just One (578 words)
  •     Stop Smoking Tips – 5 Stem Warnings To The Would-Be Quitter (662 words)
  •     The 5 Most Common Ways To Quit Smoking – Their Pros And Cons (538 words)

You can buy PLR or MMR version of this articlepack.This is a limited offer so hurry up before the sale is over.


  • Master Resale Rights licenses. You are allowed to do ANYTHING with these articles AND you may sell them. Those who purchase from you are given PLR rights, NOT MRR rights.