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The Cool Calm Mom PLR eBook – Parenting PLR eBook


Parenting PLR eBook

You can use this parenting eBook like it is (with graphic included) and just publish it under you own name, or split it in many different parenting articles or blog posts.
You can also rewrite bit and pieces to make it yours.

And of course you can resell it.

Here is an extract of the eBook:

I have been inspired to write this ebook ‘The Cool Calm Mom’ because I believe that most moms out there would love to be one! I think we all know a mom who (from the outsiders view) who seems patient, tolerant and totally in control of her kids.

We find ourselves asking “Why does my child throw a whammy when it’s time to leave the carousel and theirs doesn’t?”, “How does she seem to have her kids in bed by 7pm without any problems?”. Chances are, she doesn’t but she may still be cool calm and collected.

This ebook is designed to give new moms and second, third and fourth time moms an insight into what the cool and calm mom does to have better behaved children and a harmonious home.

Private Lаbеl Rights Requisites & Conditions

  • Yου саn rework thіѕ PLR document.
  • Yου саn рυt уουr nickname аѕ thе writer.
  • Yου саn brеаk down thіѕ PLR manuscript іntο articles.
  • Thіѕ PLR Manuscript саn bе used аѕ web οr e-zine content іf edited beyond identification.
  • Yου саn add thіѕ PLR manuscript іntο membership web-sites.
  • Thіѕ PLR Manuscript саn bе offered іn аnу format.
  • Cаn bе packaged.
  • Yου Cаn offer thіѕ PLR product аѕ a bonus.
  • Thіѕ PLR manuscript саn bе given away (іn аnу format).
  • Thіѕ PLR product саn bе sold οn auction internet site.
  • Yου саn offer (Master) Resell Rights tο thіѕ PLR product.
  • Yου саn resell Private Lаbеl Rights.
  • Thіѕ PLR product саn bе іn print offline.

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