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Turn Your Blog into a Youtube site Using Covert VideoPress

Covert VideoPress – Turn your blog into a Tube site

Covert VideoPressThey did it again! IM Wealth Builders are just brilliant!

I know what you are going to say. This is not a PLR product….But it’s a hell of an improvement for anybody running wordpress blogs….
and how many Internet marketer aren’t using WordPress to make a living online?

IM Wealth Builders is the great team of coder that made the greatest hit Covert Pinpress that many of you liked already.
I made about 10 blogs with this template. check the post here

And now they did it again. What is the third traffic provider online after Google?

Youtube! That’s it. Nowadays every Internet marketer must use videos to run their SEO.
it goes like this:

  • Google
  • facebook
  • Youtube

With Covert VideoPress they declined the same successful approach they had with Covert Pinpress.

They crafted a template that look almost exactly as the original site. Surfer don’t know if they are on Youtube or on your site.
If you build up a niche site targeting a popular niche , chances are that fan of that niche are going to comeback often on your site.

I bought Covert VideoPress yesterday, with the OTO included, and within 30 minutes I was able to build my own Youtube site.

Take a look at the site and see by yourself. It’s just brilliant.

You can make an auto-blogging site like the one I made – with the help of the OTO plugin that goes along with the template, or make a manual site and be 100% original.

Just comment what you see in the video and add a few affiliate links, and you’re all set.

You have 100 000s of video in every niche you want on Youtube. Just craft niche targeted youtube like blogs and siphon traffic from Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter with the help of the voting buttons.

If you own Covert Pinpress, you know it works.

How can it be different with the third traffic provider online.

Check out the video and see by yourself

This is a dime sale. The price is going up at every purchase. The faster you buy the cheapest you pay. It is a multi-license offer, you can install it on as many blog as you want.

Grab your copy of Covert VideoPress before it’s too late