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Wonders of Prayer MRR eBook – Reseller Site Included

The Wonders of Prayer, Facts Stranger than Fiction

Wonders of Prayer MRR eBook - Reseller Site IncludedThis book is a remarkable record of spectacular incidents which enhance the author’s belief in responded to prayer. the book consists of testimonies from lots of noteworthy personalities including Martin Luther, Bishop T. Bowman, John Knox, Chas. G. Finney and Abraham Lincoln. Guide concludes that God is more intimate and nearer to mankind than we envision which perpetual prayer can bring spectacular results.

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“To acknowledge God’s existence is to warrant prayer to Him, by all intelligent creatures, or, a consciously living in sin and under stricture of conscience, because they do not pray to Him. It would be terrible to admit the presence of a Supreme Being, with power and knowledge to produce, and think that the creatures he thought of consequence and importance.

Enough to bring into presence, are not of enough repercussion for him to pay any focus on in the difficulties and trials consequent upon that existence.

Surely such a statement is an impeachment of both the wisdom and goodness of God.

It were far more sensible for those who deny the fitness and need of prayer to take the ground of the atheist and say clearly. We do not pray, for. There is no God to hope to for to reject prayer, is useful atheism.”

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Wonders of Prayer MRR eBook – Reseller Site Included